OPEN FORUM with Divorce Attorney and Anger Management Specialist

The New York City Divorce Support Meetup Group

New York, NY
2,218 People divorcing or divorced

Our group is helpful for those going through a separation or divorce and is an open forum for discussions regarding our situations. The environment is completely supportive of…

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Live Event: OPEN FORUM with Anger Management Specialist Eileen Lichtenstein and Divorce Attorney Jacqueline Harounian

anger management Wantagh
When: Wed Jan 30, 2013
Time: 6:00 to 8:00pm
Cost: Free 

A workshop-style evening to help you with the divorce process (pre, during or post-divorce). Matrimonial attorney Jacqueline Harounian and Certified Anger Management Specialist Eileen Lichtenstein will be on hand to educate, answer questions on divorce and related topics. 

This workshop is to help educate you about handling anger during divorce. 

The process of divorce can be fertile ground for anger. Behavior and communication approaches have often been attempted unsuccessfully. Learn how to:

  • Stay focused
  • Make good choices
  • Move forward appropriately
  • Develop strategies that will help take the frustration out of your conversation and improve relationships – even the next relationship.

Eileen will help you become empowered to utilize communications styles in order to better deal with others different from your own. Learn how to manage and reduce your stress and anxiety symptoms, which can lead to anger. 

Jackie will provide info and answer questions on the divorce process – pre separation through post divorce. Information is power and knowing the process and understanding the legalities better will help to make it less stressful. 

There will also be a financial adviser on hand for any financial-oriented issues. 

This is a comfortable environment to get some legal information and also get some helpful hints on how to manage your moods and your anger better. Everyone is completely welcome to attend. 

This free event is meant to provide information, answer questions and create a forum for discussion. Attorney Jackie Harounian from Wisselman, Harounian & Associates has spoken several times to this group. Meetings were lively and interesting and everyone came away satisfied with new knowledge. 

When: Wed Jan 30, 2013
Time: 6:00 to 8:00pm
Cost: Free
Location: Merrill Lynch 717 5th Avenue, 7th FL (entrance is on 56th Street between 5th and Madison Avenue) 

Official business: For security reasons after 5:00pm, all guests must sign in with first and last name in the building lobby and we must provide a matching guest list to Merrill Lynch the day before the meeting. Please respond no more than two days before the meeting with your full name or send a private email to and give your first and last name in the email. 

Don’t stress if you are running a few minutes late – we know it is hard to get out of work on time sometimes. We will provide some food so don’t worry about grabbing something to eat before you come. 

Questions About This Meetup? 
Please call Sharyn Omara 516-773-8300, email 
Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C. Website: 

Hope to see you for this special evening if you are in this population 🙂

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