3 Tips to Let Go of Seasonal Overwhelm

1.  Let go of your resistance and accept!  the anxiety related physical  sensations you feel.  

 2. Let go of “can’t” thoughts; change the word!  

 3. Let go of being so hard on yourself and acknowledge “seasonal overwhelm and worry” for what it is- temporary!! Worry Graphics Code | Worry Comments & Pictures

And of course- whenever you can, BREATHE! extra deep in through nose (belly expanding), out through nose or mouth, releasing negative energy. 

Listen to Moving Meditation®  

Free Sample from Moving Meditation® Fitness CD 

Track #9:
Healing Breathwork 
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Moving Meditation® Fitness CD

This one hour program consists of instructional voice-over jazz guiding you step-by-step through the
Moving Meditation® Program.

Side A: includes warm-up stretches and instruction in relaxation breathing. Original fluid upper body movements are then added along with visualizations and positive imagery. This program can be used with walking, running, skating, exercise bike, aquacise and seated exercise. It can also be used as a warm-up/cool down for a power walking or running program.

Side B: includes progressive muscle relaxation, gentle stretches, and equipped meditative sequences.

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