Holiday Shopping Help??!!!

Well, for those who know me well I only complain when there’s really a point- like holiday shopping help that doesn’t know a thing about…!!
I was in a big chain store (not my fav thing:)) since there was a free deal on a great phone upgrade that I was about to pay for (at least in my Prosperity Game recent experience).

OK- so I purchased it (a few charges for a few things even though “free”) and had to leave in the middle of “syncing” with my old phone for a client meeting: they informed me I had to take the phones; I could not leave them and come back since they would not be responsible- OK- no biggie I was thinking. Later I came back gave them my syncing wares and then to my dismay over one hour and forty minutes later- had a true waiting experience in a media store with friendly and incompetent help. They synced- I was told there were 4,000 contacts syncing- no way!! and it would take a while (and I could not leave and had no laptop or reading material with me, and needless to say, no phone). So…I paced around for a while, asked many questions and then was gently guided to the reclining chairs at the big TV area. I watched a clip of Spiderman (looped) and then put in makeshift earplugs – tissues- to block out the sound of 3 football tv’s full blast behind me- and tried to relax. That didn’t last long. Later I went through a big writing pad in my bag, pulled out a few pages to follow-up with and threw out the rest. Yay! Letting go & productivity for a short time..then onto wandering and reading the backs of dvd’s and tv series I haven’t seen. I called home from their phone. I found another, quieter TV experience, that made me feel good and wonder perhaps that’s why this happened- to hear classical music and see a great scene from “Black Swan” and then a wonderful concert clip of Peter Gabriel. OK- I had my moments of Zen and was truly ready for this experience to close. My phone wasn’t ready yet. I checked with security for my lost glove; no luck. I was pacing again, and then, finally it was ready!! I had a quick tete-a tete with the very young man in charge of my operation, and he said, “this would have taken only 30 minutes if you had bought an inexpensive..SIM card. I said, “I did- it’s there-just look”. So it was, so it goes…

One thought on “Holiday Shopping Help??!!!

  1. I just got a new phone too the iphone 5 and I love it. Yes I had a SIM card in my old cell and that makes all the difference. I went from a blackberry to the iphone 5 so much better. I am having a blast with all the cool things you can do. I hope you love yours too I am sure it was worth the wait. 🙂

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