LOA(Law of Attraction) Positive Phrasing

 LOA (Law of Attraction) needs visualizing positive outcome and positive phrasing and language for manifestation- and an action component as well.  I’ve been revisiting this aspect of positive phrasing and LOA, and am encouraging you to take this challenge and change your low energy phrases to high-energy phrases with your own words.  Here are some examples:

  • “That’s not bad” becomes  “That’s quite good.”
  • “No problem” becomes”You’re very welcome”, sure, I’ll be happy to!”
  • “That’s bad” becomes  “That’s not good.”
  • “Don”t worry” becomes  “You’ll be fine.”
  • “Put some effort into it” becomes  “Let’s put some energy into it.”
  • “It’s too hard” becomes  “It’s not easy.”
  • “I’m sick” becomes “I don’t feel well.”
  • I forgot”  becomes “I didn’t remember.”
  • “I’ve been working hard” becomes “I’ve been working well.”
  • “Don’t cry” becomes “That’s OK..”

Law of Attraction Believe Poster

This switch is most easily facilitated with a buddy- someone whom you’re often with and agrees to do this for a while with a smile!  Do you have some additional phrases to switch-up? Please share..

I can help you with this: positive language and visualization,  getting past blocks, bridging gaps and manifesting in your life and career!


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