Choose Happiness!

Have you ever tried a “personal mantra” or “positive trigger phrase”  when things aren’t going your way?  When you feel yourself slipping into a negative zone you can say “I choose to be happy” and focus on what that brings up in order to transition to a positive mind set.   Challenging times can be difficult and negative thought patterns may be long ingrained.  This can be changed by choosing to be happy and focusing on abundance and joy.  It takes at least 21 days to create new habits-patterns.  We can choose to retrain our minds to think positively even as we experience setbacks and challenges and in doing so empower ourselves with the ability to see the bright side of most situations.  And the positive cycle continues and perpetuates itself as we begin to attract more of what we want and positive people into our lives.

Let me know how it works out!   If you need help, I am available via skype, phone and in Westbury,  Long Island, NY.  FREE phone consult:

516 623 4353           

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