“Hope Springs” is an important relationship movie, not a “chick flick”.  That’s this gal’s opinion…  The actors take their time through the first half and we get it- the marriage isn’t working and hasn’t worked in many years.  Meryl Streep’s  role is very different from any   I’ve seen her in  previously and she does this part justice.  I don’t want to give away the movie;  I simply am stating that I agree, effective communication is the integral piece of any working relationship.  If yours isn’t going well, then examine the communication (or lack of) and see if it’s about saying what you mean, expressing feelings, or simply relating well (empathetically, sympathetically) to your other.  It may be about stepping outside your “comfort zone” to accomplish this.  It may be about doing things differently or breaking habits.   It’s always helpful to learn about other styles of communication and behavior so you will be able to relate better to each one.  A long term relationship takes a lot of work, believe me, I know! I share a lot about this in my book,  SOAR! with Resilience™  , as well as effective communication strategies.  I  facilitate on site trainings; a popular title is “Eliminate the Frustration From Your Conversation”.  I also coach  individuals and couples in Wantagh, Long Island and via Skype.  

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