Stop Workplace Bullying Now!

Things can be chaotic enough “out there” without workplace bullying, which unfortunately  is on the upswing;  workplace bullying is a hot topic now.

 Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia defines workplace bullying:

Workplace bullying, like childhood bullying, is the tendency of individuals or groups to use persistent aggressive or unreasonable behavior against a co-worker or subordinate. Workplace bullying can include such tactics as verbalnonverbalpsychologicalphysical abuse and humiliation. This type of aggression is particularly difficult because, unlike the typical forms of school bullying, workplace bullies often operate within the established rules and policies of their organization and their society. Bullying in the workplace is in the majority of cases reported as having been perpetrated by management and takes a wide variety of forms. Bullying can be covert or overt.

The Professional Liability Underwriting Society’s seminar “Hot Topics on D&O and Employment Practices Liability” at the University of Chicago on May 10, 2012 was led by four corporate employment law specialists.

Hot Topic #2  was Workplace Bullying.  After an honest review of what our proposed anti-bullying legislation, the Healthy Workplace Bill, does for employers and for workers and what it does not do, the employer advocates suggested that employers are wise to get ahead of this trend and address workplace bullies in a proactive manner.

Balance & Power, Inc.  has been addressing stress and anger management issues for two decades corporately, in the the educational and private sector and now is  facilitating bullying prevention trainings  and support groups for victims of bullying.  Anger in the school, the home and the workplace has reached epidemic proportions and it is my  goal to help eliminate the situation.  I believe inner strength and being centered are keys to optimal productivity and happiness.  I am a certified Anger Management Specialist, accepted by the  US courts.

Our popular training manual  SOAR! with Resilience™ Book often accompanies these programs.

Contact us for a complimentary consult  and find out about our customized programs.  516 623 4353

Download: Workplace Bullying Prevention Programs (pdf)

3 thoughts on “Stop Workplace Bullying Now!

  1. I work in people management and I just don’t think the general public understand how debilitating bullying in the workplace can be until they’ve experienced it themselves. I’m a new reader and I look forward to catching up with your previous posts.

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