Basic Human Rights: Success & Happiness

 Basic Human Rights: Success and Happiness
A  sector of the population prevents others from achieving these basic human rights, and it seems to be growing.  I’m not talking about governments now, but individuals- “bullies”- and as children/youth bullies grow up to become adult bullies, often criminal in nature.   No matter what age, there are several common characteristics among bullies and extremely angry people:

  • Poor or no self-esteem
  • Poor or no self-love
  • Shame
  • Poor communication skills

Several years ago, I became a certified anger management specialist/educator and work with court mandated  as well as individuals and groups who are truly motivated to learn how to release anger and stress in appropriate ways and have happier, more successful lives.

The other side of the spectrum are the victims.  Those who have been bullied , physically and/or emotionally abused have a lot in common:

  • Poor or no self-esteem
  • Poor or no self-love
  • Depression or Anger
  • Difficulty focusing
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3 thoughts on “Basic Human Rights: Success & Happiness

  1. Yes, Inez, these behaviors are running rampant. I also receive referrals from HR and corporate attorneys and am being called into companies to facilitate trainings about the anger management/bullying topic.

  2. I understand that bullying is an epidemic but you have to consider where the children and teens are learning this behaviour. I know that children can be cruel, but the extent it has gone now is almost unbelievable when I hear the stories.

    It is wonderful that you are working with people in this capacity but it is sad that it has gone this far.

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