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Hi Everyone!

Success and Happiness are basic human rights…
Unfortunately, there is a part of the population that blocks success and happiness.  I’m not talking about governments now, but individuals- “bullies”- and as children/youth bullies  grow up to  become adult  bullies, often criminal in nature.   No matter what age, there are several common characteristics among bullies and extremely angry people:

  • Poor or no self-esteem
  • Poor or no self-love
  • Shame
  • Poor communication skills

Several years ago, I became a certified anger management specialist/educator and work with court mandated  as well as individuals and groups who are truly motivated to learn how to release anger and stress in appropriate ways and have happier, more successful lives.

The other side of the spectrum are the victims.  Those who have been bullied , physically and/or emotionally abused have a lot in common:

  • Poor or no self-esteem
  • Poor or no self-love
  • Depression or Anger
  • Difficulty focusing

I am co-facilitating groups this summer  in Long Island for young people who are bullying survivors.  These are  support groups as well as for suicide prevention.  Much of the curriculum is from my book/manual SOAR! with Resilience™ 
I am continuing to run small groups in Wantagh, Long Island on the second and fourth Saturday AM of each month for angry/and or stressed individuals.
I offer complimentary telephone consults/coaching strategy session                         516 623 4353            
or fill out the contact for on my website to arrange a time to talk.

FMC Women’s Empowerment Summit June 22  :  I am speaking on this panel!:  How to Get Out of Your Own Way: Let’s face it, the best part of life happens when you break out of your comfort zone! But if habit and routine are dictating your day, you may be missing opportunities to energize yourself and inspire those around you.

Details on all of these events/groups :

Blog Talk Radio: The Balance and Power Network

The archive from 6/18 is definately worth a listen:
and you may want to look into mindmapping more!:
Tony Buzan will be on again in July and I’ll be sure to let you know! to find out more about MindMapping!

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Do you know that I conduct Customized Corporate Trainings and Speaking Engagements:

*I will train your staff  to better communicate with each other and work more efficiently and effectively. This training has been successfully applied to a variety of  companies, healthcare and educational facilities.

A unique Online Course to gift yourself and someone you

care about that is available to order now!: Daily OM 6 Week On-line Course:   Create Optimal Happiness & Productivity by Eileen Lichtenstein


  • Are you ready for your life to be transformed?
  • Are you ready to reduce stress to optimal levels? Can you imagine being happy most of the time?
  • Are you ready to make some personal shifts and see your career soar?
  • Learn how to get and stay inspired Can you imagine being surrounded by positive people and creating optimal relationships?

Embark on a transformative journey of self-development that will guide you to amazing levels of happiness and abundance in your life. You will learn about components of happiness and productivity and how to apply it to your own circumstances. You will learn how to implement and adapt the strategies to your own life on an ongoing basis. (read more..)

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