Late Bloomer-Boomer?

 A gentleman I know from business networking said very definitively (he’s an attorney), “I think you are a late bloomer- you are  really good at what you do and so passionate about your work.”  I smiled.  I said, “You know me now and yes I’m  a “late bloomer-boomer”  in my current work as  coach-educator in stress/anger management and related topics, and I no longer am actively doing what I was as passionate about before we met- that is “Moving Meditation Fitness(R)” and wellness coaching, including stress reduction.  I invited my attorney friend (who is extremely successful and stressed) to download my recording of rhythmic movement and guided relaxation on my website:

Track #2: Rythmic Movement
Track #7: Guided Relaxation

Find out more about  Stress Reduction Tips and my new edition
SOAR! with Resilience™ Book


I offer Complimentary telphone consult: BalanceandPower
and am seeking individual clients via telephone, skype and in Wantagh, LI. and group speaking engagements.

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