How to Easily Overcome Workplace Challenges and Create Optimal Happiness & Productivity

Do you want to overcome workplace challenges with ease and create optimal happiness and productivity?  Perhaps you will recognize some characteristics listed below in your self, a colleague or a friend.  These are typical ADD- Adult Deficit Disorder symptoms that many adults suffer with. Maybe you’ve never heard of ADD.  No matter, these basic traits can manifest themselves in ways that greatly impact an individual’s job performance or ability to communicate effectively. Specifically, you can have many performance and communication challenges if you  experience these issues:

-Difficulty maintaining a topic of conversation

-Difficulty making decisions

-Inability to control one’s immediate reaction to a conversation partner

-Verbal or behavioral impulsivity

-Difficulty organizing and expressing one’s thoughts effectively

-Problems with time management; being chronically late

-Extreme impatience; low tolerance for frustration

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