7 Tips for the “sandwich” or “open sandwich” challenged

Tips for the “sandwich” or “open sandwich” challenged  folks among us:

  1. Keep the big picture forefront,  try not to get lost in negative possibilities.
  2. Be patient.  Perhaps reframe a situation to have more (positive) possibilities.
  3. Understand your own agenda and priorities.  If you’re having difficulty doing this, pay special attention to #4  and  #5  and  possibly seek advice.
  4. Follow your mind and heart.
  5. Stay focused.  Meditate.  Breathe.
  6. Take care of yourself.
  7. Ask for help when possible.

Frustrated? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Need help?

You may call or email me for a free telephone or skype consult

516 623 4353       BalanceandPower  

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