Harness the Power of Creative Visualization to Reduce Stress and Reach Goals

IMG_0399Creative visualization is a mental technique that uses the imagination to make dreams come true, which in turn reduces or eliminates stress around the “not having”.  Creative visualization can improve our life and attract success and prosperity. It is a power that can alter our environment and circumstances, cause events to happen, and attract money, possessions, work, people and love into our life.  Research shows a positive attitude in the morning enhances productivity all day!
The subconscious is incredibly powerful, representing five-sixths of our brain’s thinking and power. To achieve success consistently and effortlessly, you must align your subconscious mind with what you want to create in your life and let go of past programming. If your subconscious beliefs conflict with the outcomes you’re consciously affirming, you’re guaranteed to fail. The subconscious wins … every time.  An ideal time to visualize is in the morning and before sleep, perhaps after meditating.

Visualize what you want. Your subconscious can’t tell the difference between a real and imagined event. When it “sees” what you want to achieve, it will find ways to make your dreams come true.  The same works regarding stress.  “Act as if” and visualizing “it” daily works wonders.  For instance, if you are stressed that you are overweight and a goal is to lose 10 pounds, visualize yourself at that weight- in those clothes.  Act as if you are already losing the weight and do not go on the scale.  Simply smile, exercise and eat well to “maintain” your lost weight.

Here’s another example: You know you need a vacation and can’t imagine taking the time off. Well, do exactly that in your mind, and in real time act as if you are going- soon!

Let me know how visualization works for you!  You may contact me for a complimentary phone coaching consult: www.balanceandpower.com 516 623 4353

One thought on “Harness the Power of Creative Visualization to Reduce Stress and Reach Goals

  1. I am such a believer in this. I am a witness and can “testify” to the workings of visualization. It works for me and I whole-heartedly promote this. Not only does it work; I believe it should be a mandatory course in schools for adolescents/tweens/teens and college students. I endorse it, I promote it and as the CEO of my company, it has brought much success in my business as well as personal life. I’ve mapped out the home I wanted, the money I needed, little things like clothing, appliances and they have materialized. I have to add that with all that I visualized and mapped, my deep intent was always for good; never bad and it is always my deepest desire to use what I have accomplished or gained by this to help others., I believe that intent is important as it pertains to how the universe responds to your gifts.

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