Less than 3 Hours Left to Get This (EFT) DVD for $1 to Charity

In case you haven't heard the Tapping
Solution team has been offering their
spectacular film "The Tapping Solution"
with 30 Days in their Tapping Insiders
Club for only $1 all week long.  

And I just heard today that they've
added a really cool charity component
to what they're doing.

When you pick up a copy of the film
today for only one dollar they'll
donate five dollars to an EFT research
project led by Dawson Church, Ph.D.
that is helping war vets with PTSD at
the Walter Reed facility!

How cool is that?!  :)

If you haven't seen the trailer for
this inspiring and educational film
on EFT Tapping make sure to check it
out by going here:

And remember, there's only 48 hours
left to pick up the film and get 30
days of access to the Tapping Insiders
Club so take advantage of it before
it's gone.

They did this once before but it was
over a year and a half ago so this
doesn't come around very often (which
makes sense since it's so darn cheap!)  :)

The film is one of the best documentaries
you'll ever see but where you'll see
the real magic in YOUR life is when you
start tapping along to their hundreds
of audios, videos and tapping scripts
in their Tapping Insiders Club.

That club has the potential to change
your life forever IF you USE IT.  :)

That's up to you though.  I hope you
decide to give it a shot.  There's no
risk in trying it out so I highly
recommend doing it.  

Here's the link again to learn more:

 Enjoy your day,

Eileen Lichtenstein

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