EFT for Emotional Hurricane Relief

While you must follow common sense and evacuate when it’s necessary, or
otherwise make sure you have enough emergency supplies on hand, there is no
need to spend hours or even minutes in terror while riding out the storm.

Neurobiologist Jill Bolte Taylor explains that the brain and body are
designed to react to trauma by setting off an emotional response and that
the neurophysiology of the body is set up to allow us to feel that emotion
AND RELEASE IT within 90 seconds.

It’s when we hold on to the emotion, and replay the pattern, that the
emotional response gets caught in our body and we hold on to the anxiety,
the stress, and even the terror.

So..the  best time to tap away the emotion is when you are feeling it -before it gets a chance to get stuck in your body.

If you think about it, releasing the anxiety and stress leaves you more clear-headed to logically deal with traumatic events such as hurricanes.

If you find yourself experiencing this hurricane, or any other scary event,
tap while it is happening. As soon as you feel any anxiety, stress or
terror, start tapping on the EFT tapping points.

If you are not familiar with EFT you can view charts of the tapping points here as well as my intro EFT video.

Don’t worry about a setup statement or what to say while tapping the side of
the hand/karate chop point.  That’s designed to get you focused on the
problem, and if you are in the middle of the storm, you are already focused
on the problem.

So simply start tapping the points on the face, collarbone, and under the
arm. You can say whatever is going through your mind, or relate what is
happening around you, or say something that makes you feel better such as,
“I’m safe, I’m OK right now, I will survive.”

This is great to teach children, or to do with children, and of course for

Placing the palm of your hand across your forehead helps bring energy and
blood into the forebrain of your body and get you out of the fight-or-flight
response that drains the blood from your forehead to your chest (fight) or your legs (flee).

Lightly holding the palm of your hand across your forehead – sometimes for
10 or 15 minutes or more – will help you think clearly just when you need it
the most. This will also retrain your body not to go into that
fight-or-flight blood-rushing-from-your brain response.

You might find yourself doing this instinctively, especially with your
children. However, doing this for a few seconds doesn’t help that much – to
get maximum benefit, you want to hold your hand across the forehead until
you feel the pulsing  above the eyebrows on both sides of the forehead.

And!  you can supercharge your EFT tapping by placing the palm of one hand
across your forehead and tapping the points with your other hand.


Mostly forgotten recently in tapping, and hugely underutilized, the Gamut
Point on the back of the hand directly influences the meridian (energy
channel) that is involved in the fight-or-flight reaction.

Anytime you feel a sudden rush of emotion such as fear or anxiety (or even
anger or frustration) tapping or massaging the Gamut Point may help lower
the intensity of your reaction.

To find the Gamut Point, make a fist with one hand, and you will see a
depression between the knuckles of the fourth and fifth fingers on the back
of the hand (not between the knuckles but a little beneath the knuckles on
the hand). This depression is where to tap – or rub – to help release the
fear so you can feel safe.

BTW- Massaging the Gamut Point really helps in social situations if you  feel as if  you may  lose it and don’t
want to tap the face points.

Again, if you are feeling the fear in the moment, don’t worry so much about
what to say. You don’t really have to say anything. Just focus on the
feeling, massage or tap the Gamut Point, and notice as you feel calmer and
more able to handle the situation.

You may add the Gamut Point to your EFT tapping sequence.

Experiment with these three processes – tapping the EFT points in the moment
while focused on your emotional reaction, holding your forehead in the palm
of your hand (remember this is great for kids) and taking advantage of the
Gamut Point on the back of your hand.

I trust that we will stay safe and stay calm through the storm.

3 thoughts on “EFT for Emotional Hurricane Relief

  1. You are so welcome! We all need to stay calm so we can be focused in case of last minute evacuation, etc. I have suitcase packed and am sleeping in clothes i can go out with..learned that in (hurricane bootcamp:)) in Fla.

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