Why You Struggle with Food (And How to Change This) – Video

If you struggle with food or weight issues
in any way I want to recommend a video for
you to watch right now…

It will only take you a few minutes and it
will have a profound impact on you, in a
very tangible way that you'll be able to
feel right as you watch.

The video is of EFT expert Carol Look using
EFT Tapping with an audience member at a live
event called "The Tapping Experience", to help
her overcome her overpowering food cravings.  

Here's what I recommend…

Watch the video and as you do, do the EFT Tapping
along with them.  Even if you don't know how to
do Tapping just copy what they're doing and
repeat what they're saying as if you were
one of the members of the audience.

And as you do you'll begin to feel how effective
EFT Tapping is in helping people get to the
root cause of food and we*ght issues and how
it is used to resolve these issues quickly.

Here's the link to the video:


One interesting thing that you'll realize
when watching is that your food issues aren't
about the food…

Yup, that's right…they are NOT about the food.  

You'll get to find out what they ARE about as
you watch the video and tap along.

This is some powerful stuff that can have an
immediate impact on your life.


Enjoy the video and make sure to share your
comments on how the video effected you on the
blog after you watch.

Eileen Lichtenstein

P.S. - Up to this point you've probably just
been told to deal with we*ght issues by eating
less and exercising more.  It hasn't been that
easy though has it?  

You're about to find out that there's more to
it than that but there's a simple solution… 


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