How to get from Hassled to Mellow in 6 Easy Steps

 If you are hassled, impatient or frustrated this blog is for you :). I’ve asked around; everyone knows the definition of hassled and mellow. However, not many are able to transition from hassled to mellow in a short time and without doing damage- emotionally and/or physically.  An example of a smaller issue someone can stress over is finding kitchen cabinets open all the time.  Well, you may say- that’s nothing- just close them..OK, but when that small stressor accumulates emotionally, stuff can happen- both in your body and confrontationally with the “culprit”.  Here’s a bigger example that we all can relate to- stuck in traffic-late to begin with-and worst case- cell is not in the car with you (perhaps on kitchen table or in another bag?).  And how about not saving something on the computer and its suddenly disappears after spending almost an hour writing. Sometimes the impatience-frustration-anger is directed inward and sometimes at others.  No matter to our adrenalin, cortisol and muscle tension levels, which are now way up and needing to be released.  Easier said than done..

Here are 5 easy way to transition from hassled to mellow- just give yourself and others a chance!:

  • Relaxation Breathing at least 3 times with exra release: Breathe deeply in through your nose and out mouth, strong and longer exhale than inhale.
  • Leave when possible and try stronger physical releases: **silent scream, progressive muscle relaxation**, walk, exercise.
  • Do something fun- or at least differently with a smile/forced positive outlook.
  • Listen to music of the genre you want to feel like.
  • Communicate when others as necessary from the “I” place without blame or judgement.
  • Learn EFTand use it on the spot when possible and frequently there after until the issue no longer upsets you.

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