4 Myths About Anger


 Myth #1:

Anger is inheritedResearch has indicated that people are not born with set, specific ways of expressing anger.  These studies show that because the expression of anger is learned behavior, more appropriate ways of expressing anger can be learned.

Myth #2:  Anger Automatically Leads to Aggression
It is a misconception that athe only way to express anger is through aggression.  Effective anger management involves controlling the escalation of anger by learning assertiveness skills, changing negative and hostile “self-talk”, challenging irrational beliefs and implementing a variety of behavioral strategies.Myth #3: People Must Be Aggressive to Get What They Want
Many people confuse assertiveness with aggression.  The goal of aggression is to dominate, intimidate, harm or injure another person- to win at any cost.  Conversely, the goal of assertiveness is to express feelings of anger in a way that is respectful of other people.Myth #4  Venting Anger Is Always Desirable
Anger is learned and can easily become a routine, predictable response, an inappropriate pattern, to a variety of situations,  resulting in negative consequences.  Venting anger in an aggressive way reinforces aggressive behavior.To break the anger habit, an awareness must be developed of the events, circumstances and behaviors that “trigger” your anger.  In addition to becoming aware of anger, you need to learn and develop strategies to manage it.I am a Certified Anger Management Specialist with offices in Long Island, NY and also have sessions via Video SKYPE and telephone.
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2 thoughts on “4 Myths About Anger

  1. Great article, many people have misconceptions about anger – it’s bad and it’s wrong and they worry it lead to agruements. Anger management is a great way to help people to understand their anger, how to release it and how to be in control of it.

    Thanks for sharing!

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