Summer Fun and BP Venues

Are you SOARing! into summer?

Here in Long Island, NY everyone is participating in beach, boating, biking, bar-b-ques outdoor concerts and other  fun.  I hope that you can take a few days to relax, renew and recharge!  I’m also in especially high spirits because all month we’ve had out of town company here- daughter Jess from London has come and gone and Ariel is here now from Madrid with her Spanish boyfriend.  It makes me happy that they have made wonderful lives for themselves and that we are closer than ever..and that we still have the house that they grew up in to enjpy each other’s energy!

There are a few venues I’m really excited about that I’m facilitaing and connected with that I want you to know about, and I’m the star of my own TV show!! Find out more

I’m taking a hiatus from the radio shows for two weeks and will return at my regular Weds. 4PM EST spot. You may listen to  archives. 

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One thought on “Summer Fun and BP Venues

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