EFT Can Help Eradicate – Relieve Your Physical and Emotional Negative Symptoms!


Yes, it’s true!! Emotional Freedom Technique – amazing Energy Meridian Tapping Techniques  can help eradicate – Relieve Your Physical and Emotional Negative Symptoms.

 I quickly overcame my skepticism while I was taking EFT certification trainings- because the modality helped me release and be rid of   “stuff” I’d been hanging on to for years and was “getting in my way” of  moving past some roadblocks in both personal and professional areas of my life.

Since then I’ve helped many to SOAR! and reach their peak levels of happiness and success incorporating EFT into my Peak Performance Success Coaching.   

 “Success stories” using EFT can be found documented in my interactive book.  Find out more and order SOAR! with Resilience™ Book


You may learn more about EFT, including tapping points and procrastination tap-a-long on my intro video here and contact me about sessions via video skype, telephone and face to face in Long Island, NY.

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