Seeking your help..

In addition to Balance & Power facilitations and coaching in many areas hopefully you know I am now certified to help in anger and stress management.   I also can facilitate powerful learning programs with a colleague that get measurable results in all of these six areas :

You get RESULTS in these areas:

1. Personal Organization

2. Increased Productivity

3. Development of Key Personnel

4. Superior Communication

5. Increased Focus on Priorities

6. Greater Teamwork
Likely you know a sizable number of people who would like to increase productivity and profitability for their organizations especially in these challenging times. How about helping one or two of your colleagues or contacts by referring me? Since you haven’t experienced these multi-sensory behavior changing materials, although I would be thrilled to give you the opportunity to do so, I know you cannot recommend the programs. All I ask is for you to either speak to them or send an email asking them to take my phone call and provide me with their name and number. I can assure you that since achievement of the goals set before beginning the process are guaranteed, you will be doing a favor for these people. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated and I thank you,  in advance for your help.
Happy Spring & Holidays to you & your family~

Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed.

CEO, Balance & Power, Inc.

Peak Performance Success & Career Coach 

Author, Facilitator SOAR! with Resilience™  

  Stress & Anger Management Specialist

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) 


Board Member 

516 623 4353   Skype

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