Finding Your Purpose

An article published in today’s Sunday April 9 Newsday written by Rabbi Marc Gellman of the “God Squad” titled “Finding your purpose on life’s solitary journey” included a few powerful inspirational quotes that I will share with you here:

“Lonliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.”
– Mother Teresa

“Many persons have the wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness.  It is not attained through self-gratification but thtough fidelity to a worthy purpose.”   – Helen Keller

“You never find happiness until you stop looking for it.”  – Chuanf Tzu, the 5th century BCE Chinese Philosopher

“Happiness is having having a large, loving, close knot family- in another city.”   – George Burns

“For there is hope of a tree.  If it be cut down,that it wqill sprout again, and its tender branches will not die.  If it’s roots are old in the earth, even if the trunk dies in the ground, at the first scent of water it will bud and bring forth boughs like a plant.”    – Job (14:7-9)

“God is the healer of shattered hearts.”  -Rabbinic teaching

2 thoughts on “Finding Your Purpose

  1. Ellen,

    How appropriate for you to mention this. Tuesday I am speaking at the Farmingdale HS to the students at their annual business/student networking event. My speech title is, Who am I? My purpose is not to really answer that for me, but for them to ask themselves who they are. I always wonder where I would be today if I knew what my purpose was years ago. This could only be answered by knowing who you are. I also wonder if what I think is my purpose, really is my purpose. It is healthy to wonder, but not to wander. I can live with meander but only if you meander with a purpose. Wonder where you have been but know where you are going.

  2. Yes, Brian- to wonder, not to wander – perhaps meander are wonderful 🙂 words here..
    As you’ve pointed out we often travel a long and winding road to find our true purpose. It’s a gift to understand this at an earlier age than when you are out there in the midst of chaos and hustle-bustle.. Stay tuned for a collaborative workshop I’m giving September 18 in Long Island, “How to Thrive Amidst Chaos.”

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