A Road Rage Discussion

While conducting a road rage discussion in one of my anger/stress management groups, I came to understand a few commonalities about drivers who experience this to an extreme:

  • They take being cut off personally and  will purposely catch up with the culprit to almost swerve into it that ensues into a swerve-off.
  • Road Rage is only one aspect of anger manifestation: these people do not see the big picture or consequences regarding their actions.
  • If they did  realize consequences they would realize that their actions could cause accidents, injury and death. They are totally in the moment without regard for anyone else on the road or in their own car- not to mention the blood pressure effect, and may think they are invinceable- totally ego driven.

Lesson:  See the whole chessboard when u play chess!

If you or a loved one experience extreme symptoms of anger or stress, call me for a complimentary consult via telephone.  I am a certified Anger Management Specialist accepted by the US judicial system, former Biofeedback Therapist and adjunct Hofstra University.    www.balanceandpower.com I have several locations in Long Island, NY and conduct sessions over SKYPE and telephone.


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