Communication, Anger & Behavioral Styles

In this upside down economy we are facing many challenges. Many of us are becoming frustrated and disillusioned. It is time that we take a break, stop for moment, to take a good in depth evaluation of ourselves in order to explore our relationships with our families, friends and our professional interaction with our clients  to make a few changes.

The Business Support Group in Freeport, Long Island hosted by Georgia Grant will be doing just that March 11, 2011 at the Freeport Memorial Library, second floor 6PM. $10 includes a light dinner.

I will be giving a seminar to explore the Relationship between Communication and Anger in Personal and Professional Relationships as well as Discussing Distinctions Among Communication and Behavioral Styles

Do you want to learn more about my group and individual programs to reduce negative stress, cope with anger and communicate effectively?  I offer a complimentary consult via telephone and my sessions may be in person, on the telephone or Skype.

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