Tired of Feeling Angry, Frustrated,Too Stressed?

balanceandpower-logo-sized (1) If you’re tired of feeling angry, frustrated and/or too stressed ( by personal assessment) here is  great news!:  Research has proven that we  can retrain ourselves, break old patterns and create – change our neurological wiring- without medication.  If you are already taking meds, (it is indicated for some chemical inbalances)  that’s fine- you can feel even better and happier!

The biggest factor for successful personal development is being motivated and having a strong intention to make changes.  Did you know that depression has a lot to do with suppressed anger (conscious and subconscious), and that when anger /stress/frustration  cortisol and adrenaline is properly channeled through exercise, Yoga, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping) and meditative-relaxation techniques  the feel good hormones of  endorphins and serotonin kick in and are sent to the section of your brain that deals with emotions and the fear response, the amygdalia.

Do you or someone you know need extra motivation, guidance and strategies to combat anger, frustration, stress and want be more empowered, happier, more productive and successful?  I conduct one-one and group sessions in Long Island and via telephone-Skype, as well as on site at your location.  You may contact me for a FREE CONSULT.  I am a  Certified Anger Specialist (accepted by US court system for court mandates), EFT Practitioner and former Biofeedback Therapist and personal trainer-yoga instructor, integrating mind-body modalities into my coaching and classes as indicated.

Let’s be interactive on this blog! Thank you all 🙂 xoxo

4 thoughts on “Tired of Feeling Angry, Frustrated,Too Stressed?

  1. I am trying to deal with a lot and I know that I’m stressed angry and I feel like my family has put all of the responsiblity on me including my husband. I’m just tired of having to be the only one to make the best decision by my self including fiances.

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