Coping Strategies for Stress and Anger

It can be difficult to navigate through chaotic times.  Here  are some coping strategies for stress and anger well researched and positively tested:

  • Take a few deep relaxation breaths
  • Don’t curse
  • Walk away, release (walk, scream, punch the air, pillow) and calm down
  • Be aware of your triggers- that is what presses your buttons.  If you don’t know what they are and are very stressed, depressed or angry, get help to find out.
  • Take a “mini-vacation” (relax) everyday.  Lie down and visualize a place where you’ve been very relaxed before- and be there with all your senses
  • Exercise – Dance- Yoga
  • Journal or write (angry) letters and do not send!
  • Learn EFT with a practitioner:
  • Perfectionism is not the answer
  • Stay present
  • Let “it” go..and smile :)-

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