“The King’s Speech” is Alive with EFT Affirmations!

I agree with The Golden Globes that “The King’s Speech” is amazing, and extremely relevant today in the non-vocal, texting world we live in.  The film is alive with EFT affirmations and strategies to work with any fear of public speaking- which is the number one fear in the world today – more than fear of flying, terrorism or the state of the economy.  My  success with professionals in helping to boost their confidence and public persona with EFT Coaching uses the same principles applied in the film- with an advantage of greater acceleration in the time frame using EFT.    Find out more

EFT ( The Emotional Freedom Technique, meridian tapping), together with relaxation techniques and visualization greatly accelerates the process of getting to core issues that highly impact the problem or fear presented.
True to the film, anger of being suppressed or judged early on, when released and cleared, can empower the subject so that he can naturally and passionately express what is important and timely.


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