How to Develop a Lasting Attitude of Happiness

Developing a lasting attitude of happiness is most often a matter of accepting much of the world for what it is.  Since the conditions that meet our expectations will not always be present in our lives, our lives can be more satisfying when we make the most frustrating circumstances that are placed onto our paths. I hope you took note of the word “much” in my first sentence- as I am a strong advocate of establishing personal, professional and political boundaries and being able to say “no” even when that can lead to an outcome that may not be immediately positive or provide satisfaction.

Developing a lasting attitude of happiness may include looking for the positive points in a seemingly negative situation or endeavoring to have fun when there seems to be no reason to be jovial. In treating the unexpected in this fashion, we discover that true joy is seldom dependent on outside forces. Rather, it comes from within us, fueled by our commitment to looking on the bright side of life.   Search for the silver lining hidden in a frustrating situation and see what happens!

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