Transform Procrastination with EFT for Time Management!

I included transform procrastination with EFT module with a (live!) group of graduate students at Stonybrook University in Long Island, New York for a Time Management Seminar- part of my giving back-volunteer work 🙂

This  got me thinking about how tech savvy most students are , being able to  access information in a flash- and that simple tried and true time/stress management techniques (in addition to inter-personal communication skills) need to be reinforced.  They were “hungry” for this- and totally receptive to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, originated by Gary Craig; find out more  They left the seminar feeling better about their timelines this month and ready to tackle the procrastination issues.

Another segment of our population that needs extra help now with interpersonal communication and stress/anger management  skills  are returning veterans who are enrolling in colleges across the country with the US government paying the tuition.  I recently attended a conference about this, a  huge eye opener.  Young vets are coming home lacking these skills and entering an uncertain economy, famility shifts and more.

The Motivational Whisperers are here to help everyone- we are all personal and business development experts.  Register now for  our January event: motivationalwhisperersmillionairemindsetchallenge

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My teleseminar will be Tranform Procrastination with EFT.

“See” you there !

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