Ready for Action??

When you are ready for action and a circumstance occurs so that you experience confusion or fear what do you do? Freeze..nothing probably, that’s human nature. Even though it may be the polarity of what you want to do when you are ready for action, this is prime time to take stock and do inner work in order to move past blocks and make fabulous, free feeling progress.

Writer’s block, for instance, is often a matter of too much distraction. Perhaps it’s about needing fresh ideas, or being “sure of yourself”, confident that what you write will resonate with your readers. Procrastination is always fear based. Before you can move forward, it’s important to know which kind(s) of fear you’re facing- that’s the intitial inner work- is it fear of failure, being judged, fear of success (yes, success can take you to new scary places..) or of being controlled.

Once you’ve gotten the “fear factor” figured out, sometimes with assistance of a coach, then it’s time to have a few guided EFT sessions. My facilitation of The EFT Technique has been 100% effective in my three years as an EFT-ADV practitioner combining the EFT Technique with Peak Performance Success Coaching. This includes fear of public speaking, which is the number one fear in our society. Immediately following a session using Gary Craig’s short EFT Technique form, I facilitate a deep guided relaxation-visualization session to reinforce the tapping, intuitive coach-like language and positive emotional transitions that have occurred.

Now that I’ve spiked your curiousity you can find out more about EFT and see me in action videos here:


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