Confidence + Focus = Action!

Image (155) (1)We all can feel hesitant at times about our influence in the professional world. Confidence and focus may not be up to par, which surely has a negative effect on taking action. If this happens to you, I encourage you to ask yourself why you feel uncertain about the world around you. You may, for example, ask yourself if it is your uncertainty about others or your lack of faith in yourself that makes you more cautious. Once you have some insight into this, you might take a few minutes to remind yourself that you have the potential to succeed in whatever you do. Cultivating greater trust in your own power and abilities might make it easier for you to go into the world with a greater amount of certainty and assurance that what you have control over will work out well.

When we recognize that we have gifts that make us unique, we are more likely do what is best for us and enter into the professional world with self-assurance and faith in what we are able to achieve. By having faith in yourself, you will make firm and strong decisions by asserting your power in a positive and affirmative way.

Do you need a guide in this self-questioning, questing and decision making? I offer 20 minutes coaching consult via telephone or skype. You may email me to arrange: I am a Peak Performance Success Coach-Trainer-Author in this field and will empower you to reach your optimal levels of happiness and success. If you are procrastinator, then you can sign up for a teleclass that I’m co-presenting with a colleague-hypnotherapist October 13. I’m facilitating and co-facilitating several live venues in Long Island, NY in October-November: My goal for all the participants in these interactive workshops is for each of you to be more empowered, overcome fear and move into positive, confident action. I want to share more with you about my secret EFT Technique formula that is transformational in this work in conjunction with intuitive peak performance coaching. Find out more about this amazing modality here:

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