How to Prioritize to Reach Your Goals


Give yourself permission to change your mind and prioritize differently- in life and in business.  I’ve been working with entrepreneurs and small business owners in the current economic climate and there are new rules.  You can overcome anxiety and angst while reaching realistic  goals when you take  time to access what you have in front of you, take a break and re-evaluate.
Sometimes  it’s indicated to release a project or detail in the pursuit of the big picture.  Procrastination and perfectionism can be “time vampires-bandits-thieves-robbers”  so I recommend being on the look-out for them and conquering related issues.

You may call-email me for a complimentary 20 minute consult to “SOAR! with Resilience” towards  peak performance, goal setting and happiness and to learn about how EFT can help with goal setting and actualization.

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