EFT works on my cat!

I’ve been feline challenged the last few weeks after we brought an 8 month old “rescue cat” Butterscotch home to reside with our 3 year old Suki- who is a “special needs” cat I’m sure..we thought it could “perk” him up.
Well- be careful what u wish for~ and Suki yowled & hissed everytime B. walked into the room, spending his days under a low lying coach in our den,
even staying there when I my coaching clients sit on it!  So we devised a “screen door” with a latch for B to stay at night in my office with all his stuff  while Suki took care of his food needs etc and had the rest of the house to himself.
Day by day Suki is getting used to B, but still hissing.  Today, while they were lying dopwn within ia few feet of each other, I sat on the floor and EFT’d S.  Wow~ he totally calmed down and then trancelike fell asleep.

Steve & I went to see “Inception” at the movies- and when we returned 4 hours late- they were both asleep in the same positions~
After dinner, they both came into my office and I did more EFT  on Suki,
placing him on my lap at the computer & the desk looking out the window.  B’s been in & out and Suki is sleeping on my desk.  Amen!

I want them to be in peaceful coexistence for all of us- and-so that I’ll feel comfortable going away for the weekend with Steve in a few weeks- and to Europe end of September.  My neighbor will be stopping in- I think I’ll teach her EFT in case there’s a problem..

Find out more about EFT  that sends serotonin to the amygdalia and releases fear:  http://www.balanceandpower.com/eft.php

One thought on “EFT works on my cat!

  1. Update: 8/7

    Suki (the older first pet cat) had a breakthrough this AM.
    I’ve been tapping on him whenever I can, and he (boldly) jumped up on my desk which he used to do all the time and hasnt since B’s arrival- and stayed ther peaceful & calm- for a long time- while B tried to play with him.
    I distrscted B and he finally gave up on Suki and fell asleep in thje dooerway of that room.

    There is a non profit in Cottage Valley, Rockalnd County was a venue for some of my EFT trainings and trains pets with EFT & more to participate in the Visiting Pet Program.
    Find out more: http:www.HUDSONVALLEYVISITINGPETS.com

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