Fun in Nerja!

 We had a lovely apartment with a great view of the town & sea. We went to a secluded beach yesterday, hiking down one mile to the shore..Xabi & Steve walked up to get the car and drive us up- no parking allowed on that road.
Lot’s of sun; the mediteranean was too cold to go in and good waves to my surprise..  We went on a route with beautiful vistas mountains-sea. Some of the mountain roads were extremely curvy-not well paved with no guardrails; Steve & I agree Costa Rica beats them for most treacherous. Frigliliana is a charming town and had some cute diorama-puppet art/entertainment in windows for a coin and also we said hello to a Enrique, a cute chiuhuanhua in a window whose elderly owner was so happy to hear we are American and that Obama is a world leader now to “give the world hope.”  Onto  Sayalonga, on the “Sun & Wine Route” with a yummy menu el dia at 3PM (lunch) complete with liquor de yerbes (chamomile) apertif. London next; sayonora!

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