Allowing the ash to settle..

I’m referring to the ash of recent volcanic eruption that has caused disruption in international travel.  My recent blog, “Strategies for Emotional Flexibility” and all the Stress Management tips I know & teach havent yet settled my unease re the flights around this trip. We are planning to leave  in 2 days: Thursday afternoon, Kennedy-Madrid, with a flight Malaga-London 5/26 and then back to NY June 1. Thanks in advance for the power of collective positive energy. I know that stress is about feeling out of control and that 92% of worry is about circumstances we cannot change.  With that said, I could be packing instead of writing this blog now (even tho it’s a great release to blog abt something like this..) and I continue to tap throughout the day with ash settled being my newest tapping phrase!  I’ve always had some issues with packing- and am so much better at it now and  am evidently procrastinating- another fear I afraid I wont “have enough” or “just in case”  if we’re stranded in Europe- and that scenario can be terrific actually- so I must focus on taking the most important items and nothing else.  We still need to deal with the luggage-weight issues and are bringing our daughter a new computer among other things! The Euro is so low now we can buy anything needed for bargain prices~

Traveling can be chaotic- and I have coached many people to  successfully overcome fear of flying and packing anxiety.  The “ash fear” and related issues can be conquered too. Onward!

Thanks for the collective ear, friends!

2 thoughts on “Allowing the ash to settle..

  1. Eileen thanks for your honest post. I too have been concerned about the lasting repurcussions of the ash- along with oil spills and all the other cumulative current events – but your comments confirm something I could only surmise. I just completed an audio program called My Fearless Flyer to address the changes inherent in travel since 9-11. I added tracks that take the listener through the packing phase as well with an intuition that this area too is becoming more affected as travel becomes more complicated than ever. It feels confirming to read your post that even with advanced stress mgt skills, a person could still struggle in this area. Blessings to you and have a safe trip!

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