Releasing & Letting Go: The Importance of Flexibility


I’ve always been persistant and persevering and know these qualities have helped me follow through on projects and with  important relationships. However,  sometimes folks dont get that – or strongly disagree on issues in question (a dispute or arguement) – and call it being stubborn, inflexible, “not seeing the forest for the trees”, obsessive…The tricky part is knowing when to let  go when things  really arent working out,  making the choice to continue, restart or  toss.  Non- attachment to outcome (Zen philosophy) is as important as getting started and doing our best,  so that we can be somewhat detached and be able to  see when things aren’t worth pursuing, when it’s time to release and let go.  That can be quite challenging!  EFT (read more: ) is  an enormously helpful  tool in this process.  If you need support, brainstorming-venting soundboard and exploration of your choices-prioritizing-focus issues  contact me for a FREE twenty minutes phone consultation  to find out about different coaching packages and a create a customized coaching program for you (via phone-email or face-to-face and small group sessions in Baldwin (Long Island) N.Y. ) Contact me:   516 623 4353. 

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