Transform Job Stress into Productivity & Happiness!

A new Australian study that found almost one in six cases of depression among working people caused by job stress, that nearly one in five (17 percent) working women suffering from depression attribute their condition to job stress and more than one in eight (13 percent) working men do the same. In the last decade, the number of American workers that say job stress is a major problem in their lives has doubled. In fact, the US Department of Health reported that 70 percent of physical and mental complaints at work are related to stress.

So what are we to do? Stock up on Kleenex?.. I do not recommend that you quit your position before you consider the issues of paying  bills and isolation.  There are many techniques that you can do/adapt to the workplace to instantly-temporarily relieve stress; when done on a regular basis together with coaching transform stress into happiness and productivity:

  • As you walk around inhale 4 counts exhale 4 counts, belly expanding as you inhale before the chest and deflate last.
  • Listen to music whenever you can.
  • Keep light (or heavy:)) weights in the office to get your sets in.
  • Do EFT (tapping) on your issues whenever you can- (the restroom stall is always a good place). Find out more about EFT here: .
  • Go outside and connect with nature as often as possible.
  • “Silent Scream” as needed- ask me about that..
  • Contact me for a 30 minute telephone consult to see how you can benefit from my coaching-healing modalities:  516 623 4353

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