No Surgery Needed!

The radioactive scan test today showed gall bladder  is functioning 100%- with all the crazy yummy fatty stuff I ate for the “prep” last night.  Dr. Larry Good, my gastroenterologist in Lynbrook, NY.  (as fabulous as his name), said I can join the millions walking around with family stones and that my occasional vomiting symptoms over the past 6 mos. were any of virus-food poisoning-extreme stress- whew!!  So I asked what he thinks abt me having Hagen Daz – whipped cream for dessert after a high fat meal? He said he wants to help me stay trim & slim & I can have an occasional ice cream cone 🙂
So much for radiologists giving advice for surgery..argh!!

I’m thanking  Dr. Bruce Kesten (kinesiology, chiropractic & nutrition) and Maria Antonopoulis (acupuncturist) for all the ongoing support, nutritional supplements and gall bladder strengthening .  I will continue to tap-EFT- to pass the stones painlessly; thanks Dr.Virginia Porcello for helping me figure out the tapping phrase!

I’m still “radioactive” and cant go near children or pregnant women for 2 more days..and am carrying an ID card to that effect.

2 thoughts on “No Surgery Needed!

  1. OMG! ‘Radioactive”…I didn’t know all this is going on with you…I’m glad you’re OK! Eileen and the Family Stones – priceless! Be well, hugs,

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