Dessert Buffet

Imagine that you’ve decided to have a totally high fat “decadent” dessert buffet without any health constraints..what would you have?  I’ve been presented with this scenario as “prep” for a radiological gall bladder scan- given a “script” for a decadent dessert sesssion- or pizza, etc. bet 10-11PM Sunday night.  Having had some symptoms, and discovered that I’m housing small multiple gall  stones (Steve hubby is calling me Eileen & the family stones”) my MD was a tinsy reassuring by giving me stats re the large  # of women over 45 with this condition doing well..

Back to the desserts. I’ve decided that whipped creme is my fav-with almost anything – strawberries, or solo. Topping a warm chocolate brownie and rice pudding mmm! And of course there’s all the  yummy Ben & Jerry’s & Hagen Daz.. and then Steve reminded me about connoles and chocolate creme pie, cocnut custard pie, flan…

What are your dessert fantasies?

5 thoughts on “Dessert Buffet

  1. I love fruit pies especially ones that use almond paste in the crust. There is a bakery in Roslyn on Long Island that makes them; my favorite is plum and peach. There is also a bakery in Rockville Centre that makes pistachio whipped cream tarts and other outrageous desserts; it is Roe’s Casa Dolce. I do not like ice cream or anything with dairy but there are some amazing non-dairy substitutes used as the base including coconut, rice and cashews. I am not big on the soy based stuff. My favorite is ‘Organic Nectars’ raw agave gelato, a dream for someone like me who has sworn off sugar, dairy and white flour! My gall bladder is much happier that way. Good luck with you stones!

  2. I heard that abstinence is the safest way to go…not working for me…Tiramisu is truly my best pick-me-up:), but I love dark chocolate and Carvel’s soft chocolate icecream on a cone- just like a kid. Did you know that licking an icecream cone can be an effective antidepressant?

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