Got Time Robbers? Have Stress Resilience Policies!

Time Robbers-Time Requesters-Time Suckers are just that~we need to ignore, say “no” politely and firmly-and have personal “policies” (ie: bondaries) that we adhere to.

Here are some tips to deal with common time robbers:\

Request: “Let’s work out at the gym together” (and u know that I’m a big fan of working out:)): The sooner you decline the better- if you are on “deadline” (hate that word~ timeline) or working diligently on a large and so far manageable “to do” list.  Possible reply: “I’m working out when I take a break today and I don’t know what time that will be yet.” Or “I only work out at home”.Thanks for the call, how are you doing?”..and  exit the conversation soon.

A lunch invite: “I have such a hectic schedule that I can’t meet anyone for lunch.”  This beats “I’ll get back to you” as procrastinating about saying no. Making  it sound like a “standard procedure” rather than a personalized rejection saves face all around- and feels freeing.

Household chores for home based business: put on blinders! and walk straight out the door when it’s “break time” no stop to wash dishes or to eat (unless it’s mealtime).

Social Media: Create a schedule policy for this and stick to it!  Sending requests to a special file not to your Inbox makes it less tempting.

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