Re-Cultivating Patience

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I’ve been told (uh-uh!) ithat I need to revisit my patience (tolerance?) quotient.. I commented that I’ve greatly – noticeably improved over the (many) years of maturation, inner work, etc. and perhaps it’s time to recultivate this I have been losing it (patience- that’s all I hope!) more easily of late- in fact just yesterday with my aged mom- much to my regret.
I know that a challenged tolerance level often leads to frustration-anger and letting go of possibly harsh words.
I accept that no one can make me angry, but I allow myself to become angry — therefore, I am responsible for my own anger. I’ve led workshops about this with experiential and introspective exercises to help transform anger into productive and assertive responses as a healthy expression of one’s thoughts and feelings. My next workshop is 1/10/14 in Westbury, NY. Since lack of forgiveness is connected to anger, a section of the workshop will go deeply into forgiving as a means to free the self from the pain and hurt caused by anger.

I often work with EFT (Emotional Freedon Techniques, tapping) for myself and with clients – groups., vehicles, a modality which is very successful for transforming anger.

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5 thoughts on “Re-Cultivating Patience

  1. Eileen, I’m a huge fan of EFT. I stumbled across it in 2006 and have been fascinated by it ever since. I do believe it can quickly cut to the heart of the matter and release us from lots of pain, both physically and mentally.

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