The Art of Allowing

We create abundance by allowing it in-  letting go of resistance in the form of fear, anger and shutting down.    Each area of life must be consciously “opened” : relationshps, career, financial, spiritual, health, recreational.  We can do this by meditating with the mantra

  • “let abundance into the area of…
  • allow $$ to flow freely into my life..
  • allow love into my life and allow me to send it out”.

This process is similar to  prayer, with more personal involvement. We must be very aware and alert to change to notice when the circumstances / conditions are right for abundance:  then it’s up to you to take action!! We must move towards success, it doesn’t “come” to us.

EFT is an additional avenue to opening the gates of allowing.

An example of a set-up phrase with Dr. Carrington’s “choice method”:

“Even though I am struggling with financial issues, I choose to allow abundance to come onto my life.”

Since I’ve been meditating and “tapping” with the art of allowing and abundance,  I’ve seen amazing results! If you would like to explore this with me as your “guide”, I offer 15 minutes complimentary telephone consult.


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