Validation & Acknowledgement(c 3/10)

I’ve learned a lot about human nature having  guided-coached so many with   inner work  and having personally been on the inner-work journey   for many moons.   Sometimes it’s quite obvious to those around us when progress is being made- all the “work” , fears conquered, bridges built, mood shifts, baby steps accomplished, to name a few.  Professionally and as wife-mom-daughter I’ve given  too numerous to count heart felt acknowledgements, compliments and validating statements.  I want to take a few moments now on this beautiful Spring Sunday afternoon to acknowledge all of us who have been doing that- for ourselves and for others.  We all need validation- even when we don’t know it- it’s a thumbs up that we’re not alone in this great sea of humanity &  technology.   Thinking-feeling intuitively that another is on the “right” path, making a “right” choice needs to be communicated fully for  most people to receive your message.  Let them know  in a supportive, loving way.

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