Haiti Relief Items for RVC LI pickup Thurs!

Thoughts on Haiti from Sheiva/  Blue Firmament, Rockville Centre, NY

Dear Community,

It has taken several days for me to come up with the words to express what I am feeling due to the recent Earthquake in Haiti. As most of you know the owners of Blue Firmament are of Haitian decent and have been in the US for well over forty years but still have ties and connections to the homeland.
Although, we have not suffered any loss to our immediate family members we do have many distant family members and friends who either reside or travel back and forth to Haiti that we have no knowledge of.

Over the last several days, I have been observing many of my family members and watch the look on their face as the watch the news. I see a look of pain in their eyes as the watch the devastation of a place they called home.
Many have stories of Haiti of a street they walked to go to school, a church they attended and just what life was like back home. Most of which is now

I am not writing this for you to suffer the same pain they are going through, as we know many of you are suffering your own trials and tribulations, but it does give us greater prospective on our lives and what we take for guaranted every day here in the US. A country that has so much to offer. In a continued effort, Blue Firmament will continue to assist the immediate community as always and will also extend it out to the victims of Haiti as well by offering assitance.

Beginning immediately, we will be accepting donated items such as water, non -perishable food, baby diapers & wipes, hygiene products, towels & washcloths, blankets, eyeglasses, feminine products. These items will be shipped to Haiti by plane donated by American Airlines on Thursday.Immediate Assistance Needed. Drop Off Today!!!

Desperately Needed Items

* Water
* Antibiotic Ointment
* Paper Towels
* Garbage Bags
* Bandages
* Wipes
* Cotton Balls
* Alcohol Wipes
* Adult & Children’s Tylenol
* Blood Pressure Cuffs
* Diapers
* Eye Drops
* Baby Formula

* Burn Cream
* Medical Tape
* Butterfly Closure
* Sanitizer
* Nuskin
* Benadryl
* Children’s Vitamins
* Non – latex Gloves
* Syringes
* Scalpel
* Peroxide
* Qtips
* Face Masks
* Lidocaine Patches

Blue Firmaments doors are always open to help all races, religions, creed and colors.

Always Keep the World in your Prayers!

Blue Firmament
202 Merrick Road
Rockville Centre, NY 11570
open 12-6 closed on Monday
Organizations for Relief
DRVC Mission Office
Diocese of RVC
Propagation of the Faith and Mission Office PO Box 9023
Rockville Centre, NY 11571-9023
516-678-5800 ext. 519

Haitian Americans United For Change, Inc. (H.A.U.C.), Inc.
Po Box 2757
Lake Ronkonkoma NY 11779
Telephone# (888) 509-4282

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