Enhance your Life with EFT!! (c)2010 Eileen Lichtenstein

EFT is always blowing my mind. ‘Cause it always works!!
I was skeptical before I learned it- and am amazed at how powerfully effective it is with each personal or client application to release negative energy and create new positive emotions that result in action around issues that have been “stuck”. I can do “surrogate tapping” with you on the phone – or without you at all- like “long distance Reiki”, etc. Just ask 🙂
I offer 30 minute complimentary phone consult and have lot’s of info on my website. check it out! http://www.balanceandpower.com/eft.php
I love that James Rutnam, who is on the Motivational Whisperers support team: http:www.motivationwhisperers.com is my webmaster! 🙂

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