Charging my phone at Borders..

This is a bit out of the ordinary- for me anyway:
Sitting comfortably on the floor at Borders-Time/Warner Building in between meetings/gigs and charging my cell in an outlet. (I had the charger with me since I was spending the night in the city with a friend). I wasnt the only one sitting on the floor reading, eating, or simply relaxing. No more comfy chairs anymore.  In front of me was a great meditation-chakra-yoga section of books on one side- so I happily reviewed chakra information- and on the other side in front of me was Paulo Coelho’s section- 11 books!! I’ve only read 3, and am a big fan, so I know what one of my winter projects will be…it all reminded me of hanging out in the warm library at SUNY Buffalo, many moons ago.
Namaste, Eileen

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