Women View Vacations as Priority(c) 2009 Eileen Lichtenstein

I recently came across this on the internet- I am a firm believer in the importance of vacations.
A new survey finds that when it comes to women, the emotional rewards of a vacation are often key drivers in where they choose to spend their holiday getaways. The survey, conducted by Roper Public Affairs for Meredith Corporation, finds that women respondents value vacations that include: emotional rewards of relaxation from the daily routine; re-connection with family and friends; opportunity to re-invent and re-ignite their personal passions via adventure, freedom and escapism. For example, among women with families, 96 percent of respondents stated that vacations that “create memories” are a key component in where they choose to spend their leisure time. According to the survey, one in three female travelers, or 32 percent, have taken a multi-generational trip; one in six, or 16 percent, have taken a wedding vow renewal or anniversary trip; and, one in eight, or 12 percent, have attended an offsite family reunion. Almost half of women surveyed, or 49 percent stated that they booked their most recent vacation “by myself” with another 18 percent saying they shared the responsibility with their spouse or partner. Four out of five women respondents say that vacations are a “must have.” Nine out of 10 families with teens agreed with this statement as well. Nine out of 10 women say they want vacations that create lasting memories. Eight of 10 women use search engine web sites such a Google and Yahoo as a means of researching their vacations. Three quarters of women use travel planning websites such as Expedia or Travelocity when organizing a vacation. Similarly, seven out of 10 use airline, hotel or cruise line Web sites. Seventy-two percent say they take up to six months to make a decision when planning a vacation. Over two-thirds of respondents say they will spend the same or more on their next vacation compared to their last vacation. One in three women say they are likely to take a cruise within the next 12 months. The top reasons for taking a cruise include a fun atmosphere (48 percent); good value for the price (45 percent); sightseeing (42 percent); and excursions/activities off the ship (41 percent). Nearly one in five women took a “girls only” vacation in the past three years. The top reason for taking such a trip was “the break from the daily routine,” with 53 percent stating as such. The Meredith Travel study “Great Expectations: What Women Expect from Travel Marketers Today,” was conducted by Roper Public Affairs and Media and is based on a nationwide online survey of 1,678 female vacation travelers age 18 and over. Respondents were recruited from an online panel. Respondents were qualified for the study by having taken a vacation within the past three years that was at least 50 miles away from home, with at least one overnight stay.


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