Long Island Women in Power: A Great Group!

I’m a proud board member of this group, the Director of Inspiration:
Long Island Women In Power, Inc. provides women with empowering tools, from soup to nuts, for personal and professional success. LIWP was established to unite women entrepreneurs of New York.
Our recent LONG ISLAND WOMEN IN POWER meeting venue,
Sweet Lace Lingerie on Sunrise in Massapequa was a fantastic hosting venue.
We thank them for there joint support with us to help charities such as
Youth Survivors Network. We are excited to have connected an amazing organization with Sweet Lace Lingerie to help women in their most difficult time of need.
We are taking this direction, working with powerful women and sharing resources for the non-profit as well as our members.
Each event is unique and powerful for all the women involved!

Our events open doors by providing advice, connections, new relationships and referrals. It has been proven that networking and helping others with expertise and guidance develops valuable personal and career skills necessary for women to remain successful in today’s world.

We are a premier business developer with endless networking capabilities. Our events provide quality connections and educational, empowering “take-aways”. We welcome all women from different trades to diversify our network. We support a Not-For-Profit at each networking event and learn about it from a representative speaker. LIWP offers business professionals the opportunity to grow, expand, and educate each other, share career opportunities and life experiences amongst one another. We create strong business and personal relationships, and as women have proven that our LIWP members offer inspiration and support to women at different professional levels. In addition to serving as a source of encouragement and guidance, LIWP members are offered PR, networking and marketing training at our networking events. Long term goals are to be non-profit and national!

Our South Shore LI Kick-Off Event is at The Balance & Power, Inc. Center in Baldwin 6/24 6PM: http://www.balanceandpower.com/events.php

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