“Rockin’ the Casbah”(The Clash) and “Still Crazy After All These Years” (Paul Simon)

Yes, Steve and I rocked the Casbah and Marakesh is still crazy after 1,000’s of years…
Some observable distinctions from 37 years ago:
The existence of “Riads” as an alternative to fancy hotels or small b&b’s~ one or two homes combined several levels Moraccan style with a common area in the center, open top and a rooftop terrace. The rooms are AC and charming, the owners where we stayed, Riad Sophia, are gracious and speak English and French. We enjoyed a delicious traditional dinner there the first night and breakfast in the mornings.
The main square in the old section, in the middle of the Souks, is now paved and many tables are set up for meals at night.
We found the stall owners much less aggressive in souks. I remember feeling so intimidated back in the day, that I clothed myself in a long woolen jaloba with a hood and wore sunglasses. I passed as a boy and wasn’t bothered.
The motorbike population has grown enormously, including women in traditional garments of berkahs(long robes) and hijabs(head coverings) often with helmets, riding among the organized chaos of motorbikes, cars, buses, bicycles, donkeys with carts and of course, pedestrians.

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