Travel Perspectives

I’ve gone nine days “unconnected”.. that may be my record in this phase of life. Traveling is leaving “life as you know it” behind to explore different cultures and landscapes and to refresh and renew yourself. Traveling with my husband Steve, we had wonderful five days in Mallorca with our daughters, who live in Madrid and London. The word “idyllic” kept popping up in conversation re this locale~ Later in our itinerary Steve and I revisited Marakesh, Morocco after a 37 year time span from our last visit when we spent over a month there in the winter of a year of travels. We found some positive changes which I’ll write about in a stand alone blog soon..
As a seasoned traveler to foreign lands, I’d like to share
10 Tips for Smooth Travels and Fun:
1. Anticipate having a wonderful time
2. If something goes “wrong” or not according to plan, try to see the humor in it and move on.
3. Once you’re settled in and go exploring, allow yourself to “get lost”. ie: don’t have your nose glued to a map.
4. Know key phrases in the language.
5. Take some “downtime” everyday or a siesta to relax and recharge.
6. Stay “unconnected” to the internet, phone, TV, newspaper for as much-as long as possible
7. Enjoy!!!!
8. Bring home meaningful mementos-souvenirs-photos.
9. Compromise as much as possible with your travel mate(s)..after all, you came to have a good time and probably have tickets home together~
10. Smile!!

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